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Welcome to the world of Sleepers Jeepers Inc. where you the players have taken the positions of CEO for Dreams and Nightmares. You may wonder what your job is, and the answer to that is help Master Starlow and Jackle with their little wisp workers to either give the Sleepers around the world a nice good rest or a frightful no sleep night. Choose your side and use your wisp's powers and effects in a 1 vs 1 battle to get all the needed sleepers to complete your job. Let the best CEO win and good night...

If you want to play the game online this link will make a room for you and your body to play: https://tabletopia.com/playground/sleepers-jeepers-inc-asirdj/play-now 


Sleepers Jeepers Inc. Rulebook.pdf 4 MB
Sleepers Jeepers Inc. All Cards.pdf 8 MB

Install instructions

After dowloading both files you may need to resize them if needed after doing so you can print and cut the cards and be ready to play

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